Variety Can Be the Spice of Life, with Safety

dog-stretching-flyer dangerousfoodsinfographicbig

We all like to spoil our pets, especially our dogs. The best way to do that is with safe treats given with breakfast/dinner or as an incentive for training. Just remember a few do’s and don’ts to keep them safe while we show them fun flavors.

If you are going to feed something extra with their meals, remember to take in account your individual dog. If your dog is a little on the chub-chub side, reduce the amount of dry food and add some veggies or fruit to fill the total amount of food you would feed them. For instance, If you feed a cup and a half, cut the half out and add back the half cup of veggies and/or fruit.

If you snacking on something safe for your dog and want to share some, ask him/her to sit or lay down, or turn in a circle or sit up. Don’t do this near the table or where you normally eat as that will encourage begging. Instead, move to another area and do the tricks.